5 ways to remove unwanted hairs ! naturally.

ways to remove unwanted hairs

As human tendency, we all are very conscious about our body hair and we all agree on this when we say that all of us have a complicated relationship with our body hair. Remember the time when we all hit puberty and saw our hair growth all over our body and all we did is, spent dollars and dollars on laser hair removal treatments and other painful treatments just to remove unwanted hairs, all well which is not only heavy on pockets but also we wasted our precious time.

Although, there’s nothing wrong having body hair, it’s a part of the life but society isn’t. We all get afraid when it comes to judging people all around you and that’s when the natural remedies originated which can reduce or eliminate all your body hair but two pros: 

1.  Very light on budget.
2. Less or no pain.

But for coming to the natural remedies let us understand the root cause of having body hair.

Why do we get body hair growth ?


There’s a hormone situated in our body which is called ANDROGENS. This hormone is the main root cause that our hair develops. Both males and females produce this hormone. Whenever this hormone gets activated, humans start experiencing the body hair growth within themselves.


This is for all the women out there. PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is an hormonal disorder which can leads to irregularity in their menstrual cycle and increase in the growth of their body hair which is another why woman develops body hair.


This is the most common and traditional cause of body hair growth. Sometimes it depends on our genes like our parents or very close relatives if they are hairy then there are chances that you may also develop body hair.

Thyroid Disorder​

The thyroid produces a hormone that signifies our body temperature and when ever the thyroid gland in our body does malfunctions, then there are very high chances of getting excessive body hair growth in both males and females.

Side Effects​

There are numerous side effects of various medications,  drugs, treatments etc. If you are under any of these and something about it does not suit your body then there are chances of developing body hair as the side effects. 

So, These are some of the reasons which is why a human body tends to develop body hair. All these causes are very subjective and can be one of the reasons due to which we all develop body hair. 

Now that we have understood all the possible root causes of developing body hair in a human body, let’s now understand why it is important or you should remove unwanted hairs. 

It is important for both males and females to ensure reducing or eliminating their body hair. 

remove unwanted hairs

why you should remove unwanted hairs?

Personal Hygiene

It is important for both males and females to look after their personal hygiene. It is proven that bacteria in our body resides mostly in our armpits hair or pubic hair as they are tend to be most moist area of our body so one needs to make sure that they have lesser or no hair growth on those areas to prevent any bacterial infection which can lead to a severe disease.

Clean skin

The pores of our body hair do have dead skins and can be dirty sometimes so in order to have clean and clean skin one must ensure to get rid of body hair. 


People with more body hair stink and sweat more comparatively which hinders their personality and personal appearance in person. 

These were some of the reasons you need to hear out and understand very well why one should remove unwanted hairs from their face and other body parts

We have understood everything about the body hair that why do they occur and why you should control them and now we are going to discuss the most important part of this topic which is the Natural way which can get you rid of your body hair. YES! You heard it all right that there are some natural ways in our society which you can also test out on yourself for wonderful results and you will definitely Thank yourself for using them. 

Let us take a look at the natural ways with which you can remove unwanted hairs from your body and face .

Hot oil massage

Massaging with any hot oil like castor oil, coconut oil etc can actually help in removing and getting rid of your body hair. Obviously you will not get instant results as it is the slow process which takes time.

Raw Papaya

Raw papaya is extremely beneficial when you want to get rid of body hair. You can make a paste of raw papaya and turmeric and remove the paste if it gets completely dry. You’ll definitely see some good results after a few weeks of using it.

Eat Clean

Your nutrition intake depends a lot when the thing is about hormones. Make sure to eat clean and healthy with regular intake of proper vitamins and minerals as this will keep your hormones sane and will prevent you from any hormonal disorder which leads to hair growth.

Spearmint Tea

 Make a habit of drinking one cup of spearmint tea regularly without fail. Intake of this tea will help you in getting rid of your unwanted hair growth.

No chemicals​

Avoid using any chemical creams, Exfoliators etc for hair removal instead you can always make natural packs using eggs, banana, Papaya, oatmeal which are not at all harmful for your body.

These were the natural tips and tricks which will definitely help you see the good results within the time. These process are slow but their results are definitely outstanding. 



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