Securteen Hair Removing Cream

Specially made for intimate area.

India's One Of The Best Hair Removing Cream For Intimate Area.

Securteen Hair Remover cream is specially designed for sensitive skin areas like intimate area and underarms. It is formulated with 100% natural ingredients extract. With “ No Harsh Smell” formula of securteen, your intimate area gets soft & gentle cleaning with no itching and no irritation. It effectively removes hair without any skin burning and provides you soft & smoother skin.

Securteen Hair Removing Cream

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Your Regular Hair Removal Method Might Harm Your Sensitive areas


The biggest disadvantage of using epilator is ingrown hair. If epilating at sensitive areas, there are possibilities of slight swelling along with redness and inflammation. Another big disadvantage is the pain of using epilator on the sensitive area.

shaving rajor

Shaving might be the most common method but it is risky as it can cause bloody cuts & razor bumps. Shaving the most delicate area can create micro-traumas. Most of the women also experienced abrasion followed by ingrown hair.

waxing strips

Waxing has it own drawbacks if used on sensitive areas. Pain and skin redness along with loss of skin suppleness & elasticity are the major side effects. Skin infection and allergic reactions are also common with waxing sensitive areas.

cream tube
Hair remover cream

A normal hair removal cream is meant for removing body hair around arms & legs. Using it on delicate area can result in burning & skin darkening as it may contains chemicals which are harsh to the sensitive area of bikini line.