TreasureHerbs hair Inhibitor Permanent Body & Facial Hair Remover For Men & Women(100 gm)

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  • It works equally well on Underarms, bikini line and all unwanted body hair.
  • Works By Interrupting Follicular Cell Activity Along The Body During Their Growth Phase
  • Made of 100% Natural Ingredients making it extremely safe to use without any side effects at all.
  • Unisex Product: Ideal for both Men and Women
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If you are suffering from unwanted facial hair then look no further. TreasureHerbs is the most effective and cheapest way to get rid of those annoying facial hair.Specially added plant essential oils to reduce hair density and activity and prevent hair from becoming rough and black. Supplements the nutrients lost in the skin after hair removal, avoids dry skin and keeps the skin smooth. Reduce hair density and activity. Prevent body hair from getting thicker and darker. Supplements nutrients lost after hair removal to avoid dry skin and keep skin smooth. Maintain damaged skin to achieve a healthy skin condition.



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