Treasure Herbs Jonk Oil- Leech Oil 100 Ml


  • Promotes faster healing of hair-related issues at source
  • Removes dandruff and fungus
  • Nourishes hair and scalp
  • Prevents hair loss and Stops hair fall
  • Natural ingredients. Jonk Tail Ayurvedic Oil And Natural Preparation
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Treasure Herbs Jonk Tail (Leech Oil) is a natural and effective therapy for hair loss and other hair related problems like hair fall, dandruff,Alopecia Benefits of (leech)therapy in managing persistent hair problems have been well-documented in Ayurveda, one of the oldest traditional systems that originated in the Indian sub-continentover 5000 years ago. The regular use of Jonk Oil (Leech Oil) prevents hair loss, and nourishes scalp and hair shafts. With Treasure Herbs,you get the surety of pure, high-quality ingredients that work to deliver the best results.

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