How to boost immunity naturally

boost immunity for strong immune system

How many of us often fall sick? Do we know the reason for falling sick so often? Well, that’s because of the immune power in a human body. We all have an immunity system, some of us are blessed with strong immunity systems and some of us are not but don’t you worry as we all can make our immune system strong and healthy but before that let’s understand what exactly immunity is and why it is important to build a strong immunity power.

Immunity is the system which enables a person to fight against a disease and reacts to any viruses. It makes the person physically healthy and fit. Immune system acts as a backbone in the human body.

Why should we have a strong and healthy immune system?

During the pandemic, having a good and healthy immune system has become a necessity for all the people out there to fight against all the infections and viruses. Our immune system consists of various cells or tissues which migrate around the body and fight the infection at the specific site therefore it is really important to keep these cells and our immunity strong. Whenever we fall sick, it is the job of the immune system to fight against the infection. In other words we can say that immunity is the protection cover in a human body which acts as a security guard in a human body.

Now we are well versed about the immunity system and its function but do we know why some of us have an unhealthy immune system due to which we feel physically weak? Let’s have a look!


This is one of the most important factors. Our lifestyle matters a lot, how we live, in what surroundings we are living, what are we eating and doing. Some people do not have a healthy lifestyle which leads to the unhealthy immunity. 


Some people tend to have bad eating habits, for example they only eat junk food and oily food which is not only unhealthy for your immune system but also for your whole body.


 Smoking is very injurious to health. It not only damages your lungs but also makes you feel weak from within. It weakens your fatigue which makes you tired very quickly and leads to an unhealthy immunity. 


Alcohol does have some advantages for your body but excessive Alcohol weakens your each and every body part and damages your liver which leads to loss in appetite that weakens your immunity. 


Most of us do not like to eat green veggies and are unaware of how healthy they are for our immunity system.

Here are some important lifestyle and diet changes which are very simple and easy to implement in your regular routine which will give an immediate boost to your immunity and protection:


Do not skip your breakfast at any cost as it is the first diet when you start your day but make sure to eat a healthy breakfast.


Vitamin D means sunlight. Make it a rule in your daily routine to sit under the sunlight for at least 30 mins every day without fail. Sunlight gives your immunity the power to fight against the virus.


Always take an adequate sleep of 7-8 hours. Sleep on time and wake up on time will make you feel very fresh and active.


One of the most important solutions to the weak immunity is to do regular exercise every morning. 


Quit drinking and smoking to live a healthy lifestyle with the better immune system to fight against the virus.

One important tip for having a boost in your immunity is to eat citrus fruits for example: lime, orange etc. which are rich in vitamin C.

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Some of the herbs and vegetables which are really helpful for immune systems are as follows :


It is a 100% natural ayurvedic herb that boosts immunity and purifies your blood and prevents all kinds of infections from entering your body in order to stay healthy.

Aloe Vera

Another natural herb that is not only healthy for your immunity but for your skin. Regular intake of aloe vera enables you to boost up your immunity. 

Wheatgrass Juice

This 100% natural juice helps in not only boosting up your immunity but also helps in digestion of your system.


This Ayurveda herbal has some compounds which gives you protection from chronic diseases, helps in boosting up your immune system and prevents weight gain.


This particular ingredient is used in various Ayurvedic medicines and is very healthy for your human body. It has a number of health benefits which enables a strong immune system.


Garlic consists of a compound called allicin which gives your immune system a sudden boost and makes your system really strong and healthy.


 It is the traditional ingredient which is always presented in all the indian kitchen and we all as well aware how turmeric is helpful for your immune system as it contains antibiotics which fights against all the viruses and infection.

Leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables give you the strength from within to fight against all the diseases without any fail. These vegetables make you and your bones and your cells really strong.

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Apart from this you can include the intake of some vitamin tablets which are rich in specially Vitamin C to make your immune system really healthy and strong. So, let’s stand together and fight against all the viruses and infections by following these steps for boosting up our immune system. 

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